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We’re here to take care of your wedding planning, event design, and floral needs. Consider yourselves at the number one spot on our myspace top 8. Want to meet and talk details? Let’s grab coffee or a cocktail and get to know each other!

Essen Events | Floral Backdrop Installation
Essen Events | Owner Hailey Rose

As the owner + lead designer at Essen, Hailey has been smitten with planning weddings since preschool. Seriously, when she was 4 years old, she made her mom bring her back to preschool one night so she could marry her then, "true love". Long story short, he never showed - so they went to get a Dairy Queen treat instead. Currently, her days are filled with inspiration when she gets to meet with clients and hear about their engagements. There’s truly nothing more fulfilling than seeing couples through the engagement process from the moment they says "yes", to the moment they say “I do”.

Hailey is well-versed in going with the flow of an event, and is a strong believer in Michael Scott’s rules of business - adapt, react, readapt, apt. She is committed to your big day going off without a hitch, so that you can get hitched. But in all seriousness, Hailey wants to make all of your pinterest wedding day dreams come true before your eyes.